Ecommerce Website Template

A template is used as a starting point for building a website, primarily consisting of a set of professionally created design files. This collection of design files is built knowing that any particular business will somewhat adjust and edit the original design to create their website. It is simply a ready-designed web page with no content where a business can place their images and content. Photoshop (or PSD compatible software) can be used to edit the template, and any logo can be placed inside it.

Why purchase a Web Design Template?


* Templates save a lot of time.

* Extremely economically priced than any custom design work.

* Web developers with minimal design experience or those in a rush to create beautiful professional-grade web sites, the templates can be a great help to create a website in very little time.

* Allows developers to offer their clients a WIDE variety of design styles.

* Excellent learning tool – having a template allows artists to learn how high-end design tricks and techniques are done without being well versed in the field.

This editorial will take you through the traditional design of the templates and offer a little insight into the skills and design required to consider a template to be ready to use the object.

Text Editing - Fundamentals

Firstly, those who wish to use predefined documents must know how to modify the templates’ text to remove or add information depending on the user requirements. Editors such as Notepad applications or FrontPage, or Dream weaver are mainly used to replace the contents. To avoid changes in the templates and add the required information into it, little knowledge of HTML is required. It is always advisable to have a basic knowledge of the selected software application. Else it could be a horrifying experience to modify an HTML predefined document.


Any Web designing software application allows modifications to the text, images and graphics on the web page; it may not allow modification of the contents of graphics or objects. Templates with graphic headers or special effects on images and symbols may have the exact reference text, but this can not be modified using a notepad application or any other text editor as they are entirely images. Practically all the templates are packaged with considerable, modifiable graphic files that are in the PSD format.


Flash needs to be used to the minimum as it requires its editor. In general, Flash elements should not be used as it helps in navigation and headers in the templates.


To fully customize a template requires specific and standard tools that can be high-priced. By hiring the services of an external professional to design the pages provides an essential short-cut in setting up uncomplicated design and development, which could be very useful. As soon as the business decides to start modifying the template on its own, the entire required software must be available, and the skills must be tested out on trail models before purchasing and this can be obtained from well – built template – selling net locations for the consumers to be trained on. Website templates are ready-made web designs; hence adding the text and pictures as per the business requirements will enable a functional and individual website ready for upload!

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