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Electronic-Commerce is any sort of trading associated with the trading dealings carried out entirely or partly by the electronic mode, particularly on the Internet through the Open or Closed system. The consideration of solutions of e-commerce, the various choices existing in the present day, technical hitches arising due to net hosting, in developing traders version etc., shall be examined to build an efficient commerce resolution over electronic commerce solutions.

In the present day’s techno-driven era, e-commerce solutions dole out commercial dealings internationally. The revolution in IT (Information Technology) is extensively publicized as encompassing identical if not larger impact on people rather than the business revolution. The application of electronic commerce (e-commerce) has led to many changes in the way business is conducted. Basically, it is categorized into four types:

– Business-to-consumer.

– Business-to-business.

– Consumer-to-business.

– Consumer-to-consumer.

Business prospects advance very rapidly in the e-commerce market evolve rapidly in the e-commerce market sectors. Mentioned below are the various types of e-commerce solution one can decide on:

Business to Business Electronic Commerce:

The main objective of this type of electronic commerce is to improve and simplify the different business methods within a commercial organization and increase the efficiency of online transactions between the different companies that share a business relation.

Business to Consumer Electronic Commerce:

This deals with business to consumer, trade of services, information or items from a commercial organization to a purchaser, contrasting to one company and another., an online book shop, is one of the best replicas of Business to Consumer Electronic Commerce.

Consumer to Business E-Commerce:

This kind of electronic commerce is more of an unusual internet trend. A shopper places the request with a set of online financial plan, and immediately an organization starts re-evaluating the client’s requests and proposes the scheme. The main advantage of the Internet is its ability to bring an enormous number of consumers to form an open market in which several organizations will be interested.

Consumer to Consumer Electronic Commerce:

This is an online promotion similar to conventional classified publicity promotion. One shopper puts up an advertisement for the other shopper to respond to it just like a classified ad that comes in newspapers.

Consumers to Government Electronic Commerce, Business to Government Electronic Commerce and Mobile Commerce are few other online ventures that achieve significance these days.

Moving a business to the Internet is a sound strategy for increasing business volume, making a business instantly international, and opening up possibilities that can never exist in the “real world”. It doesn’t matter, even if businesses are small and localized. Going international will facilitate better support since e-commerce solutions will make it a 24×7 business. By applying electronic business principles, you can cost-effectively reach global markets. You can serve customers anywhere without the significant overheads of a retail presence. Customers are now beginning to demand the convenience of executing business transactions electronically. Businesses need to get wired today or risk losing customers to more technically savvy competitors.

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