Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce marketing is attracting internet surfers to the site and converting them into a customer. Except for few unique features, e-commerce marketing is almost similar to conventional marketing. Ecommerce marketing success can be considered as the overall cost of converting visitors into consumers. It helps us to assess the success of our marketing programs, such as bringing new visitors, design of the website, services provided to customers and after-sales marketing. It is very important to ensure that the website is designed very attractively, eye-catching and user friendly.

Effective Methods of Ecommerce Marketing

Email Marketing: Email IDs of all the subscribers collected and stored can be used to inform them whenever a new product is released. This helps in creating steadfast customer support.

Free Information: Giving free information with sales material brings potential customers back to the website for more information. This increases the traffic of the site, displays the products and creates business.

Using Video: By uploading Video on the site, display products and highlight its features that help differentiate other products. This is an excellent technique of marketing.

Monitoring Statistics: By monitoring web statistics, we can recognize the customers’ interest, which can be used to create other products or contents. If the customer is giving more emphasis to a section of the website, this signifies customers interest and can be used for introducing other products or more contents. The sections that are not creating any interest indicate that this section of the business needs to be improvised or revived or needs other search engines and pay per click.

Pay Per Click: This is a rapid means to get quality customers to the marketing site. Companies can generate text advertisements, propose search placement in the search engines list. Metrics can assess the conversion of quality traffic and remove conditions that do not help in converting to sales.

Search Engine Optimization SEOThis is a method of online marketing where your website is ranking high in the organic or natural searches for your specific keyword queries.

Web Banners: Banner ads can attract considerable traffic to a site. Banners can be placed on high volume and relevant sites, increasing contacts and bringing intended traffic to the site. This must be an element of every company’s internet marketing policy.


Managing a marketing policy incorporated in eCommerce is significant to overall adding goals and objectives. This approach must be included in all offline advertisements and direct traffic for direct production and Sales formation. A trader has to get new visitors to the site and offer enough incentives to convert them to a customer. Attracting visitors and converting them to customers go hand in hand.

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